Who we are

SteamGames.Ro was founded in April 2013 and has been covering gaming tech and video games ever since. The community focused on online and competitive PC games, ran its own servers and competitions, but over the years it has evolved into a nonprofit online publication that covers everything related to gaming from PC, consoles and mobile games, gaming hardware and tech to anything else that interest romanian gamers.

What we do

Game Reviews

We play all types of PC and console games, from small indie titles to big AAA ones and we analyse every aspect of the game before releasing a review. We always deliver original and honest reviews for the games we test.

Gaming News

We take press releases and game news we receive from our media partners, translate and deliver them to the Romanian market. We report stories as accurately as possible and we deliver content that interests the Romanian market.

Gaming Hardware

We write about new gaming technologies, review gaming gear and discuss new gaming trends. We try to cover every important aspect of the products and we try to express our own un-biased opinions about the products, based on our personal experience with them.


We create „let’s play” videos, video reviews, detailed gameplay videos and product presentations. We try to bring original content that illustrates the game, product or service as accurately as possible.

Game Giveaways

We host giveaways in partnership with game developers and publishers, but also organize independent giveaways providing the community the games they desire. We run giveaways on social media, Steam and Youtube.

Community events

We get together with the community as often as we can. We talk, listen and try to answer any questions they might have. We showcase the products we tested recently, offer visitors a chance to do their own hands-on testing and collect the feedback which, if needed, we later publish or update the content we earlier produced.

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