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Before contacting us

If you have questions about or advertising policies or review process please check the FAQ below (after the contact form).

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Should I write the message in english or romanian?

If you have your press release, news information or story written by your PR team in English, send it that way. We will translate it ourself.

you can send a message in english or romanian, but please do not use an automatic translator service to submit the article as we might not understand exactly what it is. Better send the original text.

Do you publish any news you receive?

If you have information for publication, we will read it but we cannot promise that we will publish anything you send. If it fits the site and if we believe it will appeal to our readers we will certainly publish it. We cannot respond to everybody who sends us a mail, but we do our best to let you know and send you a link once the article is published.

If you don’t get a mail from us check the site and see if the article was posted. If we didn’t post it and you believe it is an error on our part please send it again with the reason and we will take a second look.

We do not publish news that are innacurate, that features offensive content or inappropriate content.

News publishing

We report stories as we see them, trying to remain focused on the main topics, as accurately as possible. If you believe the story is inaccurate or false please feel free to contact us and we will update any article after publication if we receive new information or insights.

We do not publish news before researching the topic and confirming the story. We try our best not to disclose any secret information regarding a product, game or topic if we know it is under a NDA or was aquired using illegal conducts. This being said, if we receive a news that we believe will interest our readers and it doesn’t break any agreement we will publish it and we do not disclose the name of any of the sources that sent us that information if they desire to stay anonymous.

When reporting on information revealed by another publication, we will provide the link to the original source.

If we do paid editorial work we always specify that it is a paid articled and will cite the source.

Advertising and commercial activities

We try to be fair when it comes to displaying the ads provided by advertisers. Sometimes we reach an agreement and will host banners or background ads for partners we work with without charging any money for them.

We do not accept advertising that obscures content (i.e. interstitials or overlays), that plays sound automatically or that features offensive content.

We sometimes link to retailers and receive money from any purchases made. These links do not influence editorial decisions in any way and only appear in articles related to a specific product.

We will inlcude links in the news you send us over, but we do not accept CPA or other obscured links that are misleading our readers. When talking about a game we will always link the game store page (eg: Steam, Epic Games, Origin, Uplay, etc) or hardware producer page. For a game or hardware product we could include a link to a local distrubutor/vendor when talking about prices. Links for products you submit news for are not considered advertising from our team.

Sometimes we accept and keep products or games received for review and in return we might display advertising for that products or other products from the same producer/distributor on our site for certain periods of time. We might display banner or full page ads for those products and we might not receive any financial compensation for doing it.

We do not accept any type of gifts or promotional items from publishers in order to deliver a „mock review”. We accept games, DLCs, items or hardware parts for review that allows us to test the products and do our job. Receiving them doesn’t guarantee a positive review though. We try our best to deliver honest and fair content and if we feel some product fails on many levels or it is not at all as advertised we will contact the creator/publisher to sort things out before we publish or we do not publish at all. Items received are never sold or traded!

How we review games

Our reviews tell our readers if we liked something and why and will be as straightforward as posible. We try to create honest and fair reviews and we argument our opinions on every topic we talk about.

We try to review any game that we believe will appeal to our readers. We might not review games we consider are very low quality or are not suited for us (eg> adult game, browser games, etc.). Our team is diverse and we will try to give the tasks for review for a certain game to a member of the team that has experience with the genre or platform. We cannot guarantee a certain member of the team will cover your game. We have people that test the games on PC, others on consoles or mobile devices.

The review is always veryfied by an editor before being posted, but the opinions presented are those of the reviewer. Recommendations and information not to be shown are always sent to the reviewer and we always make sure we respect any of the contracts. The writer will spend some time with the game, sometimes more, sometimes less, in order for him to understand every aspect of the game he is writing about. You cannot expect a review to be delivered in the same day or a day after you sent us the game if we didn’t have time to play it through and fully understand it. If we decide to delay a review we will inform the publisher straight away with the reasons for doing so.

In the course of our work we speak to game developers, publishers and other organisations, liaising with creative and public relations personnel regarding their products. Sometimes we might ask for review copies and if we do not receive them but we strongly want to cover the product we might buy it ourself. Buying the product does not influence our review at all and we will still deliver a honest and fair opinion.

Currently we can review games on: Windows PC, Playstation 4 and PS4 Pro (Europe), PSVR, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Android and iOS, and also on some legacy consoles, like Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo DSi, Xbox 360, PS3 or PV Vita.

How we review hardware products

Our reviews tell our readers if we liked something and why and will be as straightforward as posible. We try to create honest and fair reviews and we argument our opinions on every topic we talk about.

We will conside for review any hardware, peripherial, accesory part or anything else we consider it might appeal to a gamer. This includes computer parts, mice, keyboard, sound devices, gaming devices, furniture, decorations or anything else that you think will appeal to a gamer. If you have a product that you think would suit us please send us a message or mail.

We subject every product we review to a rigorous set of tests to verify its features. If benchmarks are needed we will use industry tools to test the product. We will pint out every important feature and talk about them individually. We will not influence any test for better or worse results for any of the products we review.

At the end of our review we will express our personal opinion and point out the goods and the bads. Sometimes we might rate the products on ascale from 1 to 10.

If you want to send us a review sample please drop us a line first, we might not accept a package we receive if we haven’t talked before. We have two adresses where you can send the products, both in Romania and you will be pointed to the right one after we talk, based on the product in question.

Who is authorised to contact us on behalf of Steamgames.Ro ?

If you received a mail, phone call or message pretending to be from Steamgames.Ro make sure to check to see if the contacts are from our team indeed by verifying the name and email adress of that person.

Authorised contacts on behalf of steamgames.ro are:

  • Adrian Cuc – Administrator and editor-in-chief
  • Cosmin Sutu – Senior editor
  • Marius Florin Sanda – Editor

When sending mails we only use the following adresses: adrian@steamgames.ro and admin@steamgames.ro

Any other mail received from people claiming to be from our team should be considered as automated messages (no-reply, confirmations, etc) or spoofing, which you should report to us imediatly.

If you need to get in touch with us on a phone please drom us a mail and we will send you a phone number you can call to talk with one of our editors and discuss your problem.